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Laboratory Imaging (LIM) is a company with broad expertise in microscopy, image processing and analysis. We offer general purpose image processing and analysis systems as well as reliable customized solutions for scientific, biomedical, forensic and industrial imaging.

The development of sophisticated scientific systems generates a need to gather large amount of technology knowledge. Thanks to the wide scope of projects carried out by the company team, the knowledge from different fields of science and industry is being gained and shared throughout the whole portfolio of our products.

Laboratory Imaging was founded in 1990. Since then, it has slowly grown up, and today, it has more than 50 employees. In 2003, Laboratory Imaging moved to its own company building - a former factory from the beginning of 20th century. To fully satisfy the needs of a modern software company with subsidiary manufacturing ambition, a building extension was built in 2009. This acquired extra space now contains a training centre for our customers and users of our systems.


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LIM - Laboratory Imaging
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LIM - Laboratory Imaging